Listen to the most important data about your customers. Understand user sentiment and behavior in detail, at any time.

Use Bluenose to easily collect NPS® feedback, usage data and engagement history. Collect customer data with built-in features and extend it with third-party integrations.

This is how we do it

Listen with Multi-channel Net Promoter® Surveys

Maximize response rates with multi-channel survey delivery

  • Collect in-app and email surveys
  • Get started in minutes with your own email list
  • Easy to install JavaScript library for web-based surveys

Listen to product usage data

Comprehensive product usage reporting

  • Measure product adoption by user
  • Track usage by feature
  • See changes in usage over time

Listen to engagement activity

Collect detailed profile and engagement history for every user

  • Track email activity history
  • Integrate Salesforce.com activity history
  • Create 360-degree user profiles


What makes a customer loyal? What drives retention?

Combine usage, survey and engagement data to answer these critical questions.

Use powerful, pre-built charts to visualize trends in your user base. Interact with charts that make it easy to discover feedback and usage patterns for “Happy” and "At-risk" users.

This is how we do it

Learn How Usage Drives Net Promoter Score℠

Discover the adoption patterns that lead to Promoter, Passive and Detractor scores.

  • Identify features that drive high Net Promoter Scores
  • Discover patterns that result in low satisfaction and churn
  • Compare and contrast passives and promoters

Learn How Engagement Drives Product Adoption

Identify the types and frequency of communications that increase product adoption.

  • See which campaigns improve product adoption
  • Nurture users to consume your best content
  • Easily report on campaign performance metrics like email open and click-through rates

Learn How Engagement Drives Net Promoter Score

Discover which communications lead to Promoter, Passive and Detractor scores.

  • See engagement patterns that drive high Net Promoter Scores
  • Understand the ideal frequency for outbound campaigns
  • Identify the most effective campaign topics



Drive user adoption through targeted communications.

Improve trial and new user onboarding with behavior-driven email campaigns.

Promote new and "sticky" features to your existing users. Re-engage inactive users.

Target your most active and satisfied users with cross-sell and up-sell offers.

This is how we do it

Engage users with precision targeting

Send the right message at the right time using behavioral targeting and User 360 profile data

  • Develop powerful targeting rules for user segmentation
  • Leverage event-driven communications
  • Deliver relevant, personalized messages

Engage with professional, branded emails

Compose high-quality, HTML emails without programming. Deliver rich graphics and calls-to-action

  • Combine graphics and rich text for professional branding
  • Embed clear calls-to-action in every email template
  • Personalize messages with names and other user profile data

Engage with optimized campaigns and effective messaging

Use campaign analytics to discover and optimize the best-performing campaigns

  • Access detailed delivery metrics for every email and campaign
  • Analyze campaign performance with interactive charts
  • Continuously improve targeting rules and email content


Build a "User 360" profile by combining usage, survey, email and CRM data together. Automatically merge data sources into a unified user profile.

Create new insights with segmented analysis of surveys, product usage and email campaigns.

Improve campaign targeting by using any User 360 data in your targeting rules.

This is how we do it

Integrate usage data

Easily access usage data from any source

  • Mixpanel pre-built adapter
  • Google Analytics pre-built adapter
  • Usage datawarehouses and source files

Integrate with Salesforce.com

Deploy a plug and play Salesforce.com adapter to integrate contacts and activity history

  • Build a User 360 by integrating Salesforce.com contact records with usage and survey data
  • Sync full contact object contents
  • Sync full activity history

Integrate with any system

Integrate user and usage records from virtually any source using file-based transport

  • Use flexible map & load configurations
  • Securely transport files
  • Automate data ingestion on a schedule