Introducing Bluenose 2.0

I’m excited to update you on what we’ve been working on over the past several months.  

Our mission remains to help companies like yours to retain and grow your customers.

However, our focus has narrowed to the one thing that has the greatest effect on retention: User adoption.  After all, users who use your product will probably stay.  Users who don’t will probably churn.

We launched our new website last week to explain the direction of our company and our product.

In short, Bluenose is about helping you drive the user adoption cycle:

  • Listen to the most important data about your users
  • Learn what drives adoption and retention
  • Engage users at scale to nurture adoption

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Check out our new home page and product tour page.

What Happened to Bluenose 1.0?

To paraphrase Steve Blank, “No product survives first contact with a market.”  

I started Bluenose with the vision of providing customer-facing teams with all of the customer information they needed to manage their relationships.  

In particular, we got really interested in unlocking the business value of product usage data.  We knew this data could be the best predictor of retention.  We wanted to make that data available to business users so that they could drive customer-facing processes with it.

Our initial focus was on the needs of folks like Customer Success Managers and Account Managers as they worked with their assigned accounts.

However, the market for this type of solution evolved into more of a workflow automation requirement. This didn’t play to our strengths of focusing deeply on the user and their usage data. So, we decided to pull back from that product category.

Customer Success, at Scale

By going back to our founding focus on the power of user and usage data, we started thinking about adoption more broadly.  Not only about usage, but the other critical signal that comes from users: Their feedback.

Using feedback and usage data, we identified some important problems that can be solved:

Customer success scalability. Customer success managers tend to get buried in working with their key contacts.  This leaves precious little time to directly engage with users to help them adopt. Can they nurture adoption using automation?

Marketing tools mismatch. If you serve consumers, you probably employ lots of marketing automation. While marketing tools are good at sending mass emails, they don’t know much about your users. How can you deliver targeted and personalized communications to nurture adoption?

The drivers of loyalty and retention aren’t well understood. If adoption is so darned important, what pattern of adoption leads to loyalty? How do you guide your users to that behavior?

We’ve spent years engaging with leaders like you from customer experience, customer success and voice-of-the-customer teams. The wealth of knowledge we have developed through these conversations has brought newfound focus to our work.

I know I speak for our team in saying that we’re excited to hear your feedback. We look forward to discussing how we can help you to impact the adoption of your product(s).

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Don MacLennan

Don is passionate about analytics and insights that lead to great products. He has held leadership roles in several subscription-based businesses, where he came to understand the importance of customer engagement and loyalty. He started Bluenose with the desire to help other vendors build great products and delight their customers.

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