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3 Steps to Improve Your Product’s Adoption

Improving product adoption can feel like a bit of a snipe hunt.  I promise that it’s not as bad as entering into the night with a stick and a pillowcase to capture a mythical creature.  

The good news is there are three things that you can do today to improve adoption of your product.

Identify Opportunities for Improvement

Adoption is a challenge for all companies.  The best place to start is to discover opportunities to automate the process for scale and efficiency.

To help pinpoint the best opportunities for adoption improvements in your company, rate yourself on the following questions:



If you have many improvement opportunities and need to further prioritize, consider the items that have the greatest impact on the following:

  • Churn and/or financial concessions
  • Low Net Promoter Scores
  • End user abandonment of your product/service
  • Negative end user sentiment (word of mouth)

Build Nurture Campaigns

Customer Success is in charge of driving adoption; however, it doesn’t make financial sense to staff your team to touch every end-user.  Even the most stellar Customer Success Managers have to focus their time.  Your best bet is to keep your Customer Success team focused on larger accounts and more strategic players within your customer base. Leverage technology to engage your end users at scale.

Adopt an automated outreach method to nurture and engage each end user based upon their unique needs.  Leverage email nurture campaigns that deliver your content to assist your customers.  Consider scenarios that will enable you to impact the adoption of the improvement opportunities that you’ve identified in the first step.

Some campaign ideas are:

  • Onboard new users within existing accounts
  • Reengage disengaged end users (nurture them back to your product)
  • Promote your new and sticky features regularly

The main goal is to ensure that your campaigns are broadening your reach to each of your end users, to helping them adopt your product as it best fits their needs.

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Keri Keeling

Keri is a results-driven Customer Success leader with deep experience in helping SaaS vendors build and grow their Customer Success team's operations and strategies. With over 12 years of experience, she has built Success teams for companies that range in size from start up to publicly-traded.

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