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Bluenose is a Customer Success Platform that empowers SaaS businesses to proactively manage customers through complete visibility, a robust early warning system, intelligent marketing campaigns, and built-in playbooks.

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“As a leading provider of enterprise goals management, detailed account management and end user communication are both extremely important to us — and Bluenose’s platform provides this and much more.”


Paul Reeves
VP of Customer Success

“We chose Bluenose because we needed our Customer Success platform to deliver value quickly and Bluenose has exceeded our expectations on that front.”


Brian Kelly

“Bluenose is quickly becoming indispensable to Appboy because it allows us to focus on what matters most: making our customers successful.”


Spencer Burke
Customer Success

“Bluenose is essential for helping us drive robust product adoption as we scale our business.”


Cliff Cate
VP of Customer Success

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